Schitt’s Creek Quiz: Who Did It - David Or Alexis?

Can you remember who lost their virginity to Tilda Swinton?


It’s been almost two years since Schitt’s Creek left our screens after 80 smartly written and hilarious episodes across six immensely enjoyable seasons.

An incredibly rare phenomenon of a television sitcom created by a father son duo in actors Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek has been a cult favourite over the Netflix streaming age after enduring a rather rocky start with viewership during its initial CBS airings.

However by the later seasons, Schitt’s Creek had become a pop culture smash hit and the more it went on the more it started to win award after award, receiving 15 Emmy Award nominations alone for its final two seasons. The critically acclaimed show has been a huge miss on our television screens and nothing has quite managed to replace it ever since.

A big part of Schitt’s Creeks’ success was the compelling family dynamic that existed among the Rose family and particularly the relationship between brother and sister David and Alexis Rose. But just how well can you remember some of the show's most famous moments that involved tv's most compelling siblings?

Who did it; David Or Alexis? Find the answers at the end.

1. Who Has A Tattoo On Their Lower Back That Says “That’s Hot” In Cantonese.


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