Schitt’s Creek Quotes Quiz: Which Celebrity Was It?

Which celebrity were the Roses talking about?

Schitt's Creek Johnny

The critically acclaimed Canadian comedy series, Schitt’s Creek follows the story of the Roses, a hugely wealthy family who lose all their fortune and are forced to move out of their family home. The end up living in a run-down motel in a little town called Schitt’s Creek.

The Rose family who are accustomed to living in luxury, not even thinking about everyday trifles, are forced to face real life head-on for the first time. The devastation was a real tragedy for the Roses. With tears in their eyes, they watched as their belongings were taken away from them. Their luxurious life and a successful business are all in the past, and now they need to pick up the pieces. However, no matter how hard it was for the heroes, they didn't break.

Despite now being extremely poor, the Roses didn't forget their previous life and the more pleasant and unforgettable days they spent with famous people.

The question we are asking fans today is, how well do you remember their dialogues and celebrity name drops throughout the series? Can you fill in the gaps of their quotes and remember which celebrity the Roses were talking about?

1. “Did You Say Cute? No Alexis, ____ Hampton Home Is Cute.”


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