Schitt's Creek Episode Quiz: Two Truths And One Lie

Guess which statement is a lie.

Schitt's Creek

The Rose family had to radically change their lifestyle after becoming extremely poor.

Hipster David looked ridiculous in a rural community. Alexis, with the manners of a socialite, didn't like the fact that there were no designer shops in sight. Even their parents, Johnny and Moira didn't really get along with the rest of the residents of Schitt's Creek. But, at the end of the day, the family had no choice but to try and fit in. They needed to learn how to communicate with one another once again. After all, the cheap motel where they were forced to live was too small for people who were accustomed to secular society, mansions with terraces and servants.

Billionaires as a rule know nothing about the life of ordinary people but were the Roses able to find a common language with new neighbours?

The Canadian sitcom became a success for its hilarious scenes, heartwarming moments, and vibrant characters. But the question for today is, how well do you remember the show? Can you spot the lie between three statements relating to the following episodes?

1. The Drip


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