Schitt's Creek: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Alexis Rose Quiz

How well do you remember Schitt's Creek's pampered princess?

Schitt's Creek Alexis

With one of the most remarkable farewell seasons, Schitt's Creek left its mark on the legacy of sitcom television. Rooted around the quirks of a tiny town, the unassuming little Canadian comedy brightened our lives over the past few years, serving us with an array of relatable dynamic characters.

And one of those fan-favourite characters is Alexis Rose, the sunny but-spoiled Rose daughter. Perfectly cast as Alexis, Annie Murphy spent the entire six seasons creating a character whose absurdity radiates from within her very core. In the hands of Annie, Alexis evolved from a vaguely two-dimensional pampered princess into a mature, capable woman in charge of her own destiny.

As the seasons progressed, Alexis matured like a fine wine. Her character arc was one of the most organically developed as she grew from a spoilt princess to a career-oriented woman. Fans absolutely loved her bubbly personality and growth as she became the fan-favourite character on the show. Over six seasons, Alexis also became a role model to all women, a well-dressed package wrapping with a kind and supportive interior.

The shimmering core of enthusiasm Alexis tapped into her everyday business delivered some of the most iconic and hilarious moments. But how much can die-hard fans remember? Can you recall Alexis' wild, adventurous past and her life-altering six years at Schitt's Creek and ace this quiz?

Test your Alexis know-how and see if you can score 100% on this extremely hard Alexis Rose quiz. Good luck!

1. How Old Was Alexis When Moira Took Her To The Playboy Mansion?






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