Schitt's Creek Quiz: Who Said It - Alexis Rose Or Kim Kardashian?

Which of the two sassy fashionistas said it?


With one of the greatest farewell seasons, Schitt's Creek left its mark on the legacy of sitcom television. Rooted around the quirks of a tiny town, the unassuming little Canadian comedy brightened our lives over the past few years giving us an array of relatable dynamic characters. And one of the fan-favourites was Alexis Rose, the sunny-but-spoiled Rose daughter.

Annie Murphy spent the entire six seasons creating a character whose absurdity radiates from within her very core. In the hands of Annie, Alexis evolved from a vaguely two-dimensional pampered princess into a mature, capable woman in charge of her own destiny, a role model to all women, a well-dressed package wrapping with a kind and supportive interior.

On paper, Alexis was clearly drawn as a Kim Kardashian type for earlier seasons: a hard-ridden, jaded rich girl and socialite who misspend her days packed with brandish behaviour and neglect. And the claims turned to facts when Annie herself revealed studying Kim's behaviour for basing Alexis's character.

The shimmering core of enthusiasm that Alexis taps into during Schitt's early run oozes Kim's persona and her outlandish quotes are as iconic as Kim's public revelations. So, here's a fun quiz to test your knowledge on Alexis' and Kim's iconic quotes.

Can you separate the two sassy fashionistas based on their quotes alone?

Answers at the end!

1. “I’ll Cry At The End Of The Day. Not With Fresh Makeup.”


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