Schitt's Creek Quiz: Who Said It - Johnny Rose Or Moira Rose?

Was it the grandiloquent matriarch or the macho man?

Schitt's Creek Quiz

Billionaire Johnny Rose discovers that he was wrong to trust his accountant when the tax service evicts his family from the luxurious mansion and seizes their property. Now, their only asset is the run-down town of Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny once bought for his son David as a joke. The remnants of designer clothes are stuffed into suitcases, and the family departs for their new home.

The narcissistic, capricious, and tactless rich people are completely detached from reality behind a wall of money, and Schitt’s Creek becomes their purgatory, where they comprehend the true life and adapt to it.

Throughout the series, the characters settled in new living conditions, overcame difficulties, looked for work, love and friends. By the end of the sixth season, they seem to be able to become "themselves among strangers".

Despite going through the stress and strain of losing everything and ending up stuck in a motel with their kids in the room next door, Moira and Johnny never seem to really get upset with each other. They are utterly devoted to one another, surprisingly patient, and still wildly in love. Moreover, throughout the series, they became caring and good parents to their kids.

It's time to find out just how well you remember this crazy and weird couple. Can you guess which of them delivered these quotes?

1. "Business. It's A Dance. And Sometimes You Lead. And Sometimes You Follow."


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