Schitt's Creek: The Impossible Moira Rose Quiz

Do you remember the name of her character on Sunrise Bay?

Schitt's Creek Moira

Moira Rose is a former soap opera star and mother to David and Alexis. After her husband Johnny was defrauded by his business partner, she and the rest of her family were forced to move out of their luxurious mansion and say goodbye to the designer handbags and holidays. The only asset the family had left was a small town known by the name of Schitt's Creek.

Moira was used to the finer things in life so when he was forced to live in a tiny Motel, surrounded by townsfolk people, she thought of nothing more than returning to her previously wealthy existence. However, this wasn't meant to be for the Roses and they had to settle for lumpy mattresses and diner food.

Yes, Moira may have been spoiled, eccentric, and exceedingly dramatic, but she was a good mother to David and Alexis... most of the time any way.

The question we have for Schitt's Creek fans today is, do you know Moira Rose better than the rest of her family? Do you remember the name of her character on Sunrise Bay? What about the name of her long-lost sister? It's time to find out just how much you know in this impossible Moira Rose quiz!

1. What Was The Name Of Moira's Sister?


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