Scrubs: 10 Worst Things JD Has Ever Done

Grand theft auto, animal murder, and funeral sex.

JD Carla Scrubs

There are several main characters in Scrubs without which the show simply wouldn't have been the same. However, none of them had the same kind of importance as John Dorian. He was the main character, and he was the voice of the whole show.

From the very first episode, and his first day as a doctor, JD grew both professionally and as a person. He started Sacred Heart as little more than a kid, yet when he left he had grown into a man, with a child and a family. However, he was far from perfect.

Yes, he was the protagonist of the series, and for the most part he was a loveable goofball that everyone rooted for, but every now and then he would do something that raised serious questions about his character, and who he was as a person.

There was a little bit of ego and arrogance about him, and while this was necessary to make it in the world of medicine, this sometimes bled into his personal life, as did his selfishness when it came to his friendships and relationships.

10. He Stole A Car

JD Carla Scrubs

At the start of season five, a lot in the world of Scrubs had changed. Turk and Carla were trying for a baby after coming through a rough patch in their relationship, Elliott had left Sacred Heart and was working in a new hospital, and JD had moved out after 12 years of living with his Chocolate Bear.

His new apartment however, was severely damaged by his upstairs neighbour's bath tub falling through his ceiling, so he was living in a hotel. To highlight the change in his life even more, JD was shown picking up a sparkly Porsche from the hotel's valet service.

This was certainly an upgrade from the scooter, Sasha, he had been driving since the beginning of season four, but it turned out he had just taken someone else's car. Not only had he taken the stranger's car, he had taken his driving gloves, his driving goggles, and his driving sock.

Had the owner not literally sprinted after JD, would he have just kept the car for himself? Even if he had just taken it out for a joy ride, this is an absolute dick move. If you like someone's car, you can't just decide to take it for a quick spin.

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