Scrubs Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dr Kelso?

What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?


Released back in 2001, Scrubs was quickly popular with its audience thanks to its relatable protagonist, J.D. The diary-like narrative style, mixed with the great writing and performances, gave the show a personal touch that helped it stand apart from other sitcoms of the era.

The characters supporting and surrounding the life of the young doctor is equally and if not arguably more important to the show than J.D. himself. Sacred Hart hospital is filled with key players, and each one feels like a real person and important to the story, not just a stereotype or a space filler.

One such character is Dr Kelso, the money hungry, food hungry and nasty comment hungry doctor running the place. Instilling fear in his minions and often playing the role of the bad guy, he brings a good balance to the often kind and caring nature of the cast.

How well you know Dr Kelso?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Kelso's First Name?


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