Scrubs Quiz: How Well Do You Know Turk?

It is actually pronounced 'analgesic', not 'ANALgesic'. The pills go into your mouth.


Created back in 2001 by Bill Lawrence, Scrubs quickly became a hit due to the unusual outlook taken through a first person 'diary entry' like perspective by the main character John Dorian (J.D.). This gave the show a different angle towards comedy, feeling fresh without seeming like a recycled show, with the first person commentary making you feel as if it's happening to you more personally and relatably.

One of the most important characters in J.D's life, and therefore the show itself, is Turk. Turk is the emotionally bulletproof, optimistic, and competitive friend of J.D. who attended college with him and went on to work at the same hospital as a surgeon. The journey Turk takes addresses and gives an insight into issues such as racial stereotyping, being in the minority as a black doctor in a predominantly white hospital, while their friendship forms the heart of the show.

How well do you know T-Diddy?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Turk's First Name?


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