Scrubs Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Elliot?

"Yeah, I'm not that great with kids. They've got such tiny hands. It's creepy."


From the way the show was largely seen through the eyes of JD, giving it a more intimate feel, to the bromance of him and Turk, there was a lot to make Scrubs instantly stand out from the sitcom crowd when it debuted on NBC back in 2001. One of the ways it did adhere to sitcom tropes, though, was with its will they/won't they couple.

Elliot (Sarah Chalke) quickly catches the attention of J.D., and their friendship turned relationship turned friendship and back again formed a huge part of the show's narrative over the course of its entire run. The show's style gave us a more personal connection to their relationship, which definitely benefited both characters. Elliot wasn't just a love interest though, as she was one of the main characters for the first eight seasons of the series and integral to its success.

But how well do you know the Blonde Doctor?

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did Elliot Grow Up?


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