Scrubs: You'll Never Get 100% On This Perry Cox Quiz

So, heeeeeeere's the inside scoop, Shirley...

perry cox scrubs

During the millennium, Scrubs maintained itself as one of the most emotional and hilarious comedies on television. With characters like the gleefully evil Dr Kelso or the psychotic janitor, it's easy to see why the series struck a cord with viewers.

Although every star gives a career-defining performance, one of the biggest standouts has to be John C McGinley's portrayal as as snarky and sarcastic physician, Dr Perry Cox.

The hot-headed doctor may be an old trope in hospital shows but Cox redefines the cliche by transforming Cox into one of the funniest characters ever. He's not just ill-tempered or cynical. He is the prince of putdowns, the king of comebacks, and the sultan of smack talk. Anyone who crosses his path has to be prepared for a whirlwind of inventive and overelaborate insults.

The problem is that Cox has so many perfect one-liners, hilarious nicknames, and absurd bits, it's impossible to remember them all. Let's return to the wacky hi-jinx at Sacred Heart Hospital and see if you can get 100% on this Perry Cox quiz. (Although if you do, Cox will still probably say you did something wrong.)

Answers at the end!

1. What Is His Ex-Wife Called?


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