Seinfeld Or How I Met Your Mother Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Elaine Benes Or Robin Scherbatsky?

Was it Laney or Sparkles?

Seinfeld How I Met Your Mother

Is it a sitcom, a stand-up or real life? Nobody knows.

The retro TV series Seinfeld depicted the life of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends. In only the second episode of the show, a girl with a strong yet quirky personality who used to date Jerry was introduced to the audience. Elaine Benes was a combination of classy outfits, sarcastic remarks, awkward relationships and eccentric life choices. She was independent and a bit of careerist. Her employment and personal life was a carousel of ups and downs that perfectly blended with the tone of the sitcom.

Robin Scherbatsky, the journalist and reporter from the legendary How I Met Your Mother, had quite a similar career and love life balance to Elaine Benes. Robin, appeared to be a caring friend, but she always came up to be a little strong and emotionally unavailable. Both characters were childfree and weird around kids, had conflicts at workplace and never missed a chance to mock their friends.

Let's go through the quotes that Elaine and Robin said over the years and see if you can match the quote the right personage.

1. "I’ll Go, If I Don’t Have To Talk."


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