Seinfeld Quiz: Can You Complete These George Costanza Quotes?

"If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right."

Seinfeld George Costanza

In the 9 seasons of Seinfeld we got to know Jerry's friend George Costanza pretty well.

Across the 180 episodes of the show it became clear that things never seemed to go right for George. He often found himself without a job and living back at his parents house. Though this was mostly his own fault.

George often put a lot of effort into getting out of doing a lot of work. He parked his car in the parking lot all day so his boss thought he was the first to arrive and last to leave. He created a nap space underneath his office desk and tried to look angry as he believed it would make him look busy.

George can never see, to catch a break. He lost his "Summer of George" when he fell down the stairs and had to learn to walk again. His cheapness inadvertently lead to death of his fiancée Susan as she was poisoned from licking the poor quality envelopes he chose.

Can you finish all these quotes from George Costanza? Only those who have been paying close attention to Jerry's oldest friend will be able to fill the gaps in these lines. Will you manage to get 100% correct? Let's find out!

1. "The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends, Like An Old Man Trying To Send Back ____ In A Deli..."


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