Seinfeld Quiz: Which Episode Is The Highest Rated?

Can you prove you have the ultimate Seinfeld knowledge? Let's find out!

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For nine seasons we watched Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer as they went about their everyday lives in New York City. They went on plenty of dates, lost jobs and even got up to some crazy schemes.

The fictional life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld was never boring. Jerry was challenged to a foot race by his childhood rival. Elaine ordered food to a janitors closet in the building across the road. George tried to drug his former bosses drink and Kramer built the set of the Merv Griffin Show in his apartment.

For 180 episodes we watched as the gang got deals to write a sitcom, save a beached whale and accidentally drop a Junior Mint into a patient during surgery. From Bizarro Jerry to the summer of George, we saw a lot of fun for our favourite foursome from Manhattan.

Everyone has their favourite episode. For some people "The Contest" is the best episode, whilst others love the J.F.K nods in "The Boyfriend". Each episode is great in their own way. The question is, do you know which episodes are the most popular?

We've taken a look at IMDb to see which Seinfeld episodes have been rated the highest. All you have to do is decide which episode in the question has the higher rating. It might sound simple, but can you prove you have the ultimate Seinfeld knowledge? Let's find out!

1. Which Episode Is The Highest Rated?


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