Seinfeld Quiz: Who Said It - Jerry Or Elaine?

Are you able to spot a Jerry Seinfeld quote from something that Elaine Benes said? Let's find out!

Jerry Seinfeld Elaine

In Seinfeld, the show's creators often teased whether Jerry and Elaine would end up together.

The couple often looked like they were going to get back together, and there was even a period where the pair tried being friends with benefits. Friends and family often asked when they would make it work, yet things ultimately never worked out.

Throughout the series, there was a proposal when Jerry finally managed to get control of his emotions. Even in the final episode of Seinfeld, it looked like Elaine was finally going to declare her love for Jerry, only to say she loved United Airlines instead.

Despite the sexual tension, Elaine and Jerry were always meant to be best friends who shared a witty and observant sense of humour. The question is, are you able to spot a Jerry Seinfeld quote from something that Elaine Benes said?

This quiz will test even ultra fans of Seinfeld. We've got some of Elaine and Jerry's best lines, and all you need to do is work out who said what.

Can you remember who said they couldn't handle more than three friends? Do you know who wondered if you could die from a smell? Only those who've seen all 180 episodes of Seinfeld will be able to score 100% on this quiz. How many will you answer correctly? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. People Don’t Turn Down Money! It’s What Separates Us From The Animals.


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