Seinfeld: The Hardest George Costanza Quiz On The Internet

Don't forget to lie about how well you did. It's only what George himself would do anyway.

Seinfeld George Costanza

Although most of us probably wanted to be more like Jerry, the reality deep down is that we're probably more like George. Based on Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, who himself is probably more recognisable to most now for his Curb Your Enthusiasm tv show, George was full of (sometimes minor, sometimes crippling) neuroses that would take over his everyday life.

George's incredible dedication to seeing through his extensive schemes and plots to get ahead in life were legendary and would often lead him down the path he really didn't want to go down, not just with his many romantic exploits but also his ever-changing careers (can you remember just what jobs really had vs which he actually lied about?). George, like all of us, sure knew how to make life more difficult and messy for himself.

Over the ten years the show was on the air, Jason Alexander's George Costanza appeared in all but one episode of Seinfeld. His 171 appearances were full of infamous moments but how well do you remember everything that happened to Art Vandelay himself?

Remember you can check out your answers at the end and don't forget to lie to your friends about how well you did. It's only what George himself would do anyway.

1. Which Of The Following ISN’T A Job George Once Claimed To Hold?


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