Seinfeld: The Hardest Jerry Seinfeld Quiz On The Internet

It's hard to know exactly where the real life comedian starts and his fictional character ends.

Jerry Seinfeld

It's sometimes hard to know exactly where Jerry Seinfeld the real life comedian starts and where the Jerry Seinfeld stand-up comedian he portrayed for so many episodes end. Are they one in the same or is Jerry just portraying a slightly more ramped up version of himself?

One thing is for certain, real life Jerry is a lot richer than his fictional counterpart. Reported to be worth almost a billion dollars, Jerry Seinfeld won in life in ways the fictional Jerry Seinfled could only dream.

But how well do you remember all the antics, mishaps, misunderstandings and hoopla that defined Jerry Seinfeld in all 180 episodes across its legendary nine year run which is now repeated in syndication on our screens multiple times a day (or now on Netflix to binge at your own pleasure!).

How well do you remember all of those crazy and wonderful girlfriends that came and go almost as quickly as they are arrived? Can you remember the name of the ex-girlfriend who had serious massive hands? Or what about what affectionate nickname Jerry gives to his favourite sweater?

As always make sure to check out all the answers at the end!

1. What Job Did Jerry Hold When He Invented “the Twirl” Maneuver?


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