Seinfeld: The Impossible Frank Costanza Quiz

How much can you remember about the originator of the festivus for the rest of us!


Although he wasn’t a part of the early seasons of Seinfeld, George’s father Frank Costanza basically became the key supporting role in the latter half of the series run. He is about as fully fleshed out a character as a supporting player in Seinfeld can get and so many storylines and memorable moments were based around his unique persona.

Although a different actor portrayed Frank in his first ever appearance, it would be Jerry Stiller who would take the character to a whole new level of awesomeness. Jerry Stiller was so good in the role in fact that at the behest of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, the studio agreed to reshoot the whole scenes of Frank that the prior actor had filmed (who’s name we can’t spoil as it’s a quiz question here) so re-runs could run with Jerry Stiller in the part.

It came to pass that truly nobody else could truly play George’s dad.

Take our Impossible Frank Costanza quiz below and check out how you did with the anwers on the final page.

1. Frank Collects What For A Hobby?


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