Seinfeld: The Impossible Susan Ross Quiz

Can you remember what television network Susan worked for or why she once dumped George?


Rumour has it that the character of Susan Ross, the soon to be bride of George Costanza, was killed off in the sitcom Seinfeld because few enjoyed working with actress Heidi Swedberg. Though as the actor who portrayed George, Jason Alexander once told Howard Stern, it was perhaps more about a lack of chemistry between the pair who were supposed to be lovers.

Jason Alexander admitted he "couldn't figure out how to play off of" Heidi’s take on Susan and they “were always misfiring” in their attempts to nail the comedy between their scenes together.

Susan was epically killed off in one of the most infamous television deaths of the whole of the 1990s (though we won’t spoil how as it makes for one of the questions on this quiz) and in truth, George was always better as a singleton trying to find love, than having love in his close proximity.

Susan left an indelible mark on Seinfeld and for today’s quiz we’re asking you just how much you can remember about the character.

1. What Is Susan’s Middle Name?


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