Seinfeld: The Progressively Easier Who Said It Quiz

Are you able to prove your knowledge on all things Seinfeld? Let’s find out!

seinfeld gang

One of the biggest sitcoms of the 1990s, Seinfeld followed the fictional life of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

For nine seasons, we saw Jerry and friends George, Elaine and Kramer as they found themselves in all kinds of different predicaments. From their exploits in dating, Kramer’s crazy schemes that Jerry always found himself involved in, to awkward social situations, Seinfeld wasn’t always “a show about nothing”.

We saw Jerry and George attempt to get their own sitcom off the ground. Elaine finally became CEO of a company, only for her boss to come back and replace her. And Kramer even managed to hit a golf ball into a whale’s blowhole.

With Seinfeld being created by hilarious writers and producers, it’s no surprise that the show was filled with laugh-out-loud quotes. Across 180 episodes filled with iconic quotes, the question is do you remember who said what? This quiz is set to test even the biggest fans of Seinfeld.

Do you remember which character asked if someone could spare three squares? Do you know which of the New Yorkers said they didn't want to be a pirate? Will you prove your knowledge on all things Seinfeld? Let’s find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Tuesday Has No Feel! Monday Has A Feel. Friday Has A Feel. Sunday Has A Feel.


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