Seinfeld: The Progressively Harder Who Said It Quiz

Let's find out if you can match these 15 quotes to the Seinfeld character!

Seinfeld George Elaine

The 180 episodes of Seinfeld gave us a fictional glimpse into the life of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends.

Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer often found themselves in bizarre situations. George's failure to park cars caused chaos in the shooting of a Woody Allen movie. Jerry was pressured into wearing a pirate shirt on a chat show. Elaine was fired because she hated the movie "The English Patient". Whilst almost every episode involved Kramer getting into some kind of weird shenanigan.

With comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David writing the show, the characters are always coming up hilarious anecdotes, funny remarks and brilliant one-liners... but can you remember them all?

How much do you know about Seinfeld? Can you tell a Jerry observation from a George joke? Only the biggest fans of Seinfeld will be able to work out who said all 15 of these quotes form the iconic sitcom.

Can you remember who exclaimed "serenity now"? Do you recall who called a mole "freckles ugly cousin"? Let's see if you can match the quote to the Seinfeld character.

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. You’re Through, Soup Nazi. Pack It Up. No More Soup For You. Next!


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