Seinfeld: The Progressively Weirder Jerry Seinfeld Quiz

This is a quiz where every question about Jerry Seinfeld is more "bizarro" than the last!

Seinfeld Jerry

Running for 9 seasons, Seinfeld centred on stand-up comedian Jerry and his friends Elaine, George and Kramer.

Jerry is often viewed as the observer in his friends lives. Everything always turns out okay for Jerry and he spends much of the show finding humour in the antics and often misfortunes of others. His friends often offer him the perfect material for his comedy sets.

Even though he is sometimes portrayed as the "normal" guy, Jerry does have his own eccentricities. From his neat nature to his fears of germs, Jerry's tendencies lead him into trouble at times.

Despite tending to be the voice of reason, somehow Jerry often finds himself in the weirdest of circumstances. Often thanks to Kramer, the absurd seems to follow Jerry around. From the puffy shirt he finds himself wearing on the Today Show to him completing Newman's postal route with outstanding accuracy, it's rarely a boring day in the life of Jerry Seinfeld.

We've put together a quiz that will make you contemplate all the misadventures that Jerry finds himself a part of. Each question will be more "bizarro" than the last.

How much do you know about the weird and wonderful world of Jerry Seinfeld? Let's find out!

1. Why Did Jerry Once Throw Away A Belt?


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