Seinfeld: Who Said It Quiz - Cosmo Kramer Or George Costanza?

Who wanted a kid named Isosceles and claimed to be the opposite of every guy you ever met?


Cosmo Kramer and George Costanza have basically nothing in common except for their affiliation with Jerry Seinfeld. They were brought together in this universe by their friendship with Jerry and boy are we glad that they were.

Any interaction between Kramer and Costanza in Seinfeld is to be cherished and their back and forths would usually make up the best quotes in any given episode. Add Jerry to the mix and the these three 90s men trying to navigate the complexities of New York society as it headed into the new millennium was television magic.

George and Kramer appeared in almost every episode of Seinfeld and there’s literally hundreds of memorable quotes that could have been chosen for this quiz. Instead we’ve whittled it down to just these 15 memorable quotes and we’re only going to be asking you one question with this quiz.

Is it George or Kramer who said these things? Can you remember which character wanted a kid named Isosceles or who claimed to be the opposite of every guy you ever met?

Check out the answer sheet at the very end to see how you did.

1. "The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends, Like An Old Man Trying To Send Back Soup In A Deli..."


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