Sex Education Quiz: Bet You Can't Name 100% Of These Characters

Can you name all these characters and pass this Sex Education test?

Sex Education Roz

Sex Education might sound like an extra credit class you only remember skipping, but through a progressive lens, you'll see a brave attempt at addressing teenage issues no other teenage show has ever done.

The show digs beyond the wasted youth tagline and Twitter rants as it addresses topics like asexuality, pansexuality and vaginismus when other shows are stuck on discussing homosexuality. The show does a marvellous job of leaping ahead and addressing real issues that only end up in news columns.

Between the simply stunning shots of English forests and hills, Netflix has delivered an iconic group of lovable misfits. With three seasons already released, it has delivered some instantly classic characters. Most characters feel relatable due to an honest teenage representation of humiliating sexual experiences, adolescent mishaps, and many first loves and broken hearts.

With numerous interwoven stories, the show manages to capture the truth making each recurring character's arc vital to the story. But the question is, do you remember all those characters and their stories spread across three seasons?

Here's a quiz to challenge every Sex Education fan. Can you name all these characters and prove you are the biggest fan?

1. Who Is This?


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