Sex Education Quiz: Who Said It - Eric Or Adam?

Only a true Sex Education fans will ace this quiz.

Adam And Eric Sex Education

Netflix's "Sex Education" takes place at Moordale Secondary School, where students find themselves on the cusp of adulthood and explore their growing sexual identities with their classmates. The show takes a particularly detailed and colorful look at the variety of sexual preferences people can have and the equally numerous forms of self-expression they can take.

Perhaps one of the most transformative journey's is that of Adam Groff, the class bully, who forms an affectionate relationship with Eric and learns to connect with his vulnerable side when he is heartbroken.

While Adam still struggles with his emotions and tries to get out of his comfort zone, Eric is very patient with him on his journey. These two obviously care for each other a lot. Definitely, their meeting is perhaps one of the show's most masterful twists and turns.

Throughout the series there was a lot of growth for both characters, however, they break up in the season finale. But do you know them well enough to be able to tell them apart from just one line? Let's figure it out.

Answers at the end!

1. "I Watch The Kardashians With My Mum."


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