Sex Education Quiz: Who Said It - Otis Or Eric?

How well do you remember the best friends?

Sex Education

Sex Education has set a high standard for teen shows in the way it addresses sexuality, social issues, and romance. Nevertheless, the central relationship of the show is not a sexual or romantic one, and even the core themes don't always centre on sex. The show’s greatest victory is the friendship that has been built between Otis and Eric.

Although they’re so different, they complement each other so well. They bring the best and worst out in each other, but in a really good way. Both of them are wonderfully unique and complex individuals, going through some of the same hang-ups and awkwardness.

Otis is the reliant and supportive friend Eric can always fall back on, and Eric encourages Otis to occasionally take risks and step outside of his comfort zone. These two balance each other perfectly: Otis with his quiet awkwardness, and Eric with his gorgeous confidence and energy.

This iconic duo is exactly the kind of TV teenage friendship that fans need more of. But were you attentive enough to remember the wise quotes said by Otis or Eric? Take this quiz and find out.

1. “One Day, You're Gonna Meet Someone Who Appreciates You For Who You Are.”


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