She-Hulk: Why Marvel Should Bring She-Hulk To TV & Not The Hulk

Why David E. Kelley & Guillermo del Toro should scrap plans to bring The Hulk to the small screen and they should focus on his cousin instead...

To David E. Kelley and Guillermo del Toro: You guys need to team up and make a She-Hulk TV show. When Angie Harmon announced on Conan the other day that she was interested in playing She-Hulk one day, it dawned on me that Marvel's female green super-heroine would make for an awesome TV show. Imagine Harmon as Jennifer Walters: attorney by day, crime fighter by night. As most people know by now, Guillermo del Toro is developing a new Hulk TV show that may or may not include Mark Ruffalo and connect to Marvel€™s Cinematic Universe (MCU). You should also know that David E. Kelley is the master of the legal drama and is fresh of his (failed) attempt to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen. Now, what if del Toro decided to change tactics, joined forces with Kelley, and recruited Angie Harmon to star in a She-Hulk TV show? Just imagine the pilot. Jennifer Walters (Harmon) is a successful attorney who falls victim to a violent mob boss. Her cousin, Bruce Banner (Ruffalo, in a guest appearance) happens to be visiting and due to a blood shortage, Banner is forced to donate his own, altered blood to his dying cousin. The process transforms Walters into the super-strong She-Hulk. She defeats the mob boss with her newfound powers and decides to use her powers for good as a superhero. Both Kelley and del Toro would be able to play to their strengths. Kelley could bring the empowered female lawyer character to the table while del Toro€™s experience within the superhero genre could help make up for Kelley€™s mistakes with Wonder Woman. Not quite Hulk, not quite Wonder Woman, She-Hulk would be something completely new. It could open up a whole new media to Marvel Studios and the MCU, creating a whole new cross-platform universe the likes of which has never been seen before. And really, with Kelley, del Toro, and Harmon on board, She-Hulk would be a guaranteed smash hit (pun intended).
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