Sherlock: 7 Predictions For The Christmas Special

Trying to detect what will happen in the 2015 special. It's elementary...

Sherlock is returning to our screens later this year€ finally. It takes a long time to put together an episode of the show, but in fact it€™s a wonder it gets made at all.

The two stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, have gone on to become huge movie actors over in La-La Land, both of them appearing in Peter Jackson€™s The Hobbit trilogy, and slated for roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year.

It€™s a credit to just how good the show is that they keep coming back to it now, with the pair somehow managing to find time in their increasingly busy schedules to fit it in. This in particular applies to Cumberbatch, who despite being a very active actor perhaps spends even more time being linked to projects than actually appearing in them.

The gap between the series is getting longer, but to ease that this year there€™s going to be a special episode, presumed to be airing at Christmas, before the next three-episode run.

Few details have been given away so far, even with the appearance of a trailer at this year€™s San Diego Comic-Con. All we know so far is that it€™ll be a totally standalone episode, and that it€™ll take place in Victorian times. How that comes to be, and everything else, is up for speculation. Let€™s get started, shall we?


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