Sherlock Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters

Can you use your skills of deduction to recall these Sherlock characters?

Sherlock Irene Adler

Sherlock Holmes was not a people person. In fact, the brilliant detective often found himself upsetting and offending many of those he came into contact with. This became very prevalent in the BBC modernised adaptation of the character, as his standoffish personality was tough for many. Still, those who got through were rewarded.

The series was populated with many characters, as each episode would focus on a new case and thus establish a fresh cast. Within the show's four seasons, viewers were treated to many memorable characters, and some that you might have trouble recalling.

Even if the roles made an impression, remembering their names was tough, as more often than not, they'd be gone by the end of the outing.

The series featured a relatively small collection of recurring characters, so having a memory for every single one-off and minor part would be very impressive.

If you are a massive fan of the BBC's Sherlock, then this is the quiz for you, as all you need to do is remember the names of the characters who appeared in the series. Sounds easy, right? Well, just you wait and see.

Answers at the end!

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