Sherlock Season 3: First Picture Revealed

Sherlock First Picture BBC One are whetting the appetites of Sherlockians everywhere with a tantalising first image from the show's third series released over BBC One's social media today. While the episode titles have been revealed €“ 'The Empty Hearse', 'The Sign Of Three' and 'His Last Vow' €“ and a villain has been selected in Lars Mikkelsen's Charles Augustus Magnusson, precious little is actually known of the series' overall storyline. Yet this new picture, showing Sherlock about to confront/surprise a dejected-looking Watson with news of his survival, hints at the most-anticipated event of the new series €“ the duo's post-Moriarty reunion. The picture came with a cryptic quote from showrunner Steven Moffat, implying the action had moved on by an long, but unspecified time period. He said €“
'It's been a long time since Sherlock Holmes jumped off that roof €“ it's time to reveal the truth about what happened between him and the pavement.'
The release was accompanied by a series of tweets from the BBC One twitter account. The tweets included €“
'How did he do it? #Sherlock' 'And how will John take the news that his best friend faked his own death? #Sherlock' 'What will #Sherlock think when he finds out John has fallen in love with Mary Morstan?'
The final tweet is especially prophetic, hinting that in the absence of his demanding friend John has found woman he goes on to marry €“ something which should stoke the dramatic flames on Baker Street. Obviously, more details will begin to emerge over the coming months, and we at What Culture can't wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back on our TV screens once more. Sherlock's third season airs on BBC America on January 19 2014, and a UK release date has yet to be announced.
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