Sherlock Season 4 Could Air This Christmas?

Well, sort of. Maybe. Not really. We have two sources saying two completely different things -- and both have a great reputation of exaggerating the truth. For Sherlock to be back by Christmas would be the dream of many Sherlockians around the globe. No one wants to wait another two years now to figure out how Moriarty faked his death. How long will people wait to get an answer to their question. According to the Daily Mail BBC is pushing the next season of Sherlock to be on the next Christmas Day schedule, though Moffat said multiple times during his Q&A with Mark Gatiss yesterday that we would in fact have to wait. Though we do know that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman both want to continue with the series. According to Moffat "schedules are tight" and may leave us waiting longer than we want. It's a bit ironic though, that we have two sources that really -- who are we to believe either one? Rule 1: Moffat lies, and the Daily Mail isn't hard evidence without the BBC confirming. So who's right and who's wrong here? We don't know. The finale was executed amazingly Sunday night by the writer of the episode, Steven Moffat. We saw a side of every character that we never saw before. A strong Molly. A civilian John. A vulnerable Mary. A bedridden Sherlock. A familial Mycroft. This finale, which garnered eleven million viewers, was an incredible example of character development. No one in this episode acted like they had before. Season three cultivated these new sides of characters that we want to see, and we want to see now! There's also the question of Moriarty -- now that the rush has gone down and everyone's thinking straight again. Is it Moriarty? Is it someone acting on behalf of Moriarty? Where was Moran for all of this? Though honestly I doubt Moffat and Gatiss are going to let Andrew Scott slip through their fingers that easily. Not when Moriarty is a fan favorite, plain and simple. The episode left us with more questions than we could have ever imagined. At least with the Reichenbach Fall we knew Sherlock was alive. This season, we were left with Mary -- who, in the series written by Sir Doyle does die in childbirth -- and the question of how in the world does someone put a gun in their mouth, pull the trigger, and survive that? The answer seems obvious -- a Christmas special. Unfortunately -- or rather fortunately, I suppose -- these actors are world renowned, and have other projects. Wanting to do it won't make time this year for a Christmas episode to be shot. Another issue is whether or not Moffat can run two shows at once, if the BBC confirms and there is a full season to begin at Christmas. Two shows is an awful lot to take on, and he is criticized often for his work on Doctor Who as it is. Does he have the ability to multitask and not be focused on the new era of Doctor Who he just started? It looks like this article left us with more questions than answers. If anyone wants me to write an episode of Sherlock, you know where to find me.
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