Showtime renew DEXTER for a sixth season

This news won't be surprising anybody, but Showtime have officially renewed Dexter for a sixth season. The serial-killer drama recently chalked up its second-highest rating ever (2.5m viewers, just behind the record 2.57m for season 4's finale), which is an impressive statistic for a show in its fifth year. David Nevins, Showtime President of Entertainment:
"Dexter is the best suspense drama on television. To grow its audience so significantly in its fifth season is an enormous accomplishment by this amazing cast and crew. This is the easiest decision I've made since I got to Showtime."
I agree; it makes total sense for Dexter to come back next year. It's still popular and the actors are under contract. However, It will be interesting to see if Dexter gets renewed for a seventh season next year, as the primary cast's six-year contract expires in 2011, meaning they can leave the show if they want to. Will Showtime ensure everyone returns by giving them big pay increases? The show certainly can't survive if Michael C. Hall decides toleave, so will he want to keep playing this character beyond the sixth year? And, creatively, does Dexter actually need to conclude in season 6, before the concept goes stale? Dexter's season 5 finale airs on Sunday 12 December.

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