Showtime To Adapt CHEW Into Half-Hour Long T.V. Series

Further good news from the comic book adaptation world today, as Deadline have exclusively revealed that Showtime has bought a script for John Layman and Rob Guillory€™s excellent Chew, which will be developed as a half-hour long TV series. The script, acquired from Circle of Confusion (The Walking Dead & Powers), was written by Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer (Eureka) and now faces the Showtime treatment, and is set to come to screen under director Stephen Hopkins. Great acquisition, but you have to wonder how well the show will translate, when its success in paper has a lot to do with the brilliant artwork, and a pretty bat-shit crazy premise that might unfortunately find itself necessarily toned down for TV. Still, exciting developments! Read on for my dream castings... I've already mentioned Chew being one of the comic properties I'd love to see go into big or small screen development, and as part of that article I mentioned John Cho for the lead role. I'd stick with that call, given Cho's look and how much I like watching him, but I'd also suggest that Lost alumni Ken Leung could well fit the bill as well. For Mason Savoy- Chew's initial partner and probably the most compelling character of the whole property, I can't shake the idea that Kelsey Grammer would be a phenomenal casting choice. Ignoring his recent sit-com attrocities, the former Frasier head man has exactly the right mesh of eccentricity and physical presence to pull off the role, and it would be upon his broad shoulders that I'd love to see the weight of the role
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