The Simpsons: 10 Best Episodes Focusing On Minor Characters

Shining a spotlight on Springfield's supporting players.

When you€™ve been on for over 550 episodes, which is a statement that pretty much only applies to The Simpsons, you can afford to flesh out your world and develop beloved secondary, even tertiary, characters. Then, you get the chance to hand episodes over to these characters, and if you know what you€™re doing, and in its prime there was no show better than The Simpsons, you can get great episodes of television. Homer and Bart may carry the bulk of the show's episodes, and there is no better TV character than Homer Simpson, but Springfield is loaded down with great characters. Some of them have never had the chance to be the focus of an episode, so sorry fans of Bumblebee Man or Disco Stu. Some have been given episodes, but they weren't particularly good, such as the My Fair Lady parody based around Groundskeeper Willie. However, on a handful of occasions, a secondary character has gotten the chance to get their own episode, and it has paid off tremendously. Here are the 10 best episodes of The Simpsons that don€™t focus on the family, but instead turn the attention onto minor characters, including a couple who made such a big impact, they only needed one episode to make a lasting memory.
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