The Simpsons: 10 Moments That Just Plain Suck

8. Skinner Kisses A Corpse

Episode: On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister The Simpsons has always had an undercurrent of dark, uncomfortable humour- and it's all the funnier for it. Yet here's a moment that, for some fans, was a step too far. On a field trip to Springfield Glacier, Skinner puts an uncomfortably long bus journey to good use by attempting to rekindle his relationship with Mrs. Krabappel (''So, Edna, I, uh, wrote up some possible discussion topics for this trip. Oh, here's one. I'm still in love with you. Discuss?"), only to be rebuffed. ''See that man?'' asks Edna, pointing to a Park Ranger,''Take note of how he's not you''. She then throws herself into the Ranger's arms and begins to make out with him. Clearly enraged- but not to be outdone - Skinner resorts to desperate measures. He takes a mummified Ice Age corpse from her display stand, cradles her, kisses her and whispers, ''Just play along''. Not only were fans taken aback by this bizarre attempt at gross-out humour, but the concept of Skinner making out with a corpse was ridiculously out of character. However, if it had been Kirk van Houten or Hans Moleman puckering up to those perfectly preserved lips....
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