The Simpsons: 10 Moments That Just Plain Suck

6. Jakob

Episode: The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed You'd think that a guest spot from Sacha Baron Cohen would be a good thing. After all, Borat was pretty funny, right? Jakob, however, the eccentric (read: incredibly annoying) tour guide who shows the Simpsons and Flanders around Jerusalem, is anything but. In fact, he sounds like he's doing a mangled impression of Borat- only faster, louder and for far longer than anyone would ever want. Seriously, he never shuts up. Which wouldn't be so bad if anything he said was remotely amusing, or indeed memorable. Instead, the entire episode (which, due to an overemphasis on Jakob and a particularly uninspired storyline, ranks among the worst) becomes a twenty-minute one-note joke. And that joke, basically a reiteration of his line ''What? Israel people are pushy? How about you experience a few genocides and see how laid back you are?'', screams at you until you're reaching for the aspirin. It's almost as if Baron Cohen was trying new material for another outrageous national caricature and the Simpsons writers were simply too polite to rein him in. But of course, the blame should be shared equally. And just in case you were wondering how Jakob could become even more frustrating, he jabbers on through the closing credits- outstaying his welcome for just a few more minutes.
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