Sons Of Anarchy Or Vikings Quiz: Who Said It - Jax Teller Or Ragnar Lothbrok?

Can you tell which brutal blonde hero said it?


True heroes are complex. Just ask Batman. It's not enough for them to be boy scouts, rigidly sticking to traditional ideas of morality and never stepping a foot out of line. They get things done that need to be done, regardless of whether their hands need to get dirty in the process.

For Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy and Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings, hero status is a subjective thing. They're the hero to their people, but they're undoubtedly the villain in a lot of other people's stories. But it's the marriage of charm, darkness and complexity that makes them such compelling figures.

They also share a lot more similarities than you might imagine. They're both blonde, bearded and beautiful, both are known and feared for their brutality when it's necessary. Neither man is a total stranger to ego, but both are fundamentally considered, philosophical men who deal with conflict behind their startling blue eyes.

But how well can you distinguish the two? Which one of our dark heroes said these lines?

Answers at the end!

1. “Every Time I Think Maybe I'm Heading In The Right Direction, I End Up In A Place I Never Even Knew Could Feel This Bad.”

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