Sons Of Anarchy Quiz: What's My Last Line?

We will never forget how Jax died but can you remember his final words?

sons of anarchy gemma


Move over, Game of Thrones. Sons of Anarchy proves GoT is not the only series eager to kill off major characters left, right, and centre. Considering Kurt Sutter's biker series is based on Hamlet, viewers shouldn't be surprised that most of the major players don't make it to the end.

Because so many SAMCRO members and allies perish throughout the show, you'd assume viewers would get used to it. But they never do. It was horrific to watch Tig's daughter burn to death. It was heartbreaking to watch Clay murder Piney. Even though Sons of Anarchy ended nearly a decade ago, it's safe to say a lot of fans are still not over the grisly demise of Opie and Tara.

But just before they died, can you remember the last line of each character? What did Gemma say to Jax before he put a bullet in her skull? What did Juice say before Tully shivved him to death? You may remember Jax meeting his maker as clear as day but can you recall the last thing he said?

1. Clay


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