Sons Of Anarchy Quiz: Who Killed Who?

It’s a long and bloody road full of bullets to get to the top, but who fired them?


The main theme from the hit show Sons Of Anarchy is that of trust and respect. When you have some of the most notorious and dangerous gangs or crime organisations in the world working with some fearsome weapons dealing bikers, trust and respect can go a long way. But there is never complete trust as each faction always has an eye on the prize that is complete domination. So naturally each group is suspicious of each other and it can only take something as small as somebody coughing at the wrong time to unleash chaos.

The Sons Of Anarchy seem to have taken the middle ground between 'just a few bike enthusiasts' like they claim to be and the high profile crime syndicates that they are more than often reluctantly forced to work with. As expected when forging and breaking relationships with rivalling gangs there is much bloodshed to come on every side of the war.

But how much of a Sons Of Anarchy fan do you consider yourself to be? Can you identify the culprits behind the following murders?

Answers are at the end!

1. John Teller.


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