Sons Of Anarchy Quotes Quiz: Who Said It?

"Riding through this world, all alone..."


Brotherhood. That is what it all comes down to in the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. The idea of that you, without question, would happily give your life for the men at your sides. Sounds really nice! Shame about all the lying, the secrets and the murdering getting in the way of all that. Bummer!

One thing that has been provided by that is a regularly rotating cast and giving us many memorable characters. Whether veterans from the pilot episode or just a brief cameo leaving a devastating impact, each character plays a role in this road to mayhem.

But how well do you remember the events unfolding in the little town of charming? Can you identify which character said the following quotes?

Let us know how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end!

1. "Find Your Own Truth."


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