South Park: 10 Worst Things Cartman Has Ever Done

Eric Cartman, you are handsome and not even remotely fat.

Cartman South Park Hitler
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Eric Cartman is probably one of the most evil creatures to ever be shown on screen. At only 8 years old, he's got more blood on his hands than any real person alive, and I include his idol, Hitler, in that sentiment.

It's amazing that people consider Cartman their friend after everything that he puts people through, but in the town of South Park, stranger things have happened. Hanging out with a psychopath is par for the course at this stage.

He's done a lot of terrible things, like mocking breast cancer, making his girlfriend exactly like him, stealing credit for the world's funniest joke among many, many others. But what are the absolute worst? Narrowing down Cartman's biggest crimes is a tall order, but I believe we now have the worst of the worst.

Seriously, if any of this really happened, there's not a circle of hell deep enough to keep the maniac in.

So sit back, hold your friends close and don't eat their chilli, these are the absolute worst acts that Eric Cartman has ever committed.

10. The Nanny Torture - Tsst

Cartman South Park Hitler
Comedy Central

Cartman is an out of control child, this is known. And his mother, Liane is the prime cause of this, bowing to his every whim and treating him like the angel she desperately wants him to be. When it gets too much even for her, she brings in nannies (or rather a couple of nanny television shows).

First to face his wrath is Nanny 911 and Nanny Stella. Immediately she starts enforcing rules onto him, and he immediately resists. Every time she tries to get him to understand the boundaries and punishments, it immediately backfires. Worst comes when she tries to talk to him sensibly and he ends up asking questions she's not sure how to answer. He psycologically breaks her down by insinuating no-one found her attractive enough to have children with.

Second was Supernanny. We have no idea what happened with her but it must have been one of the most hideous things he's performed, as when we see Supernanny after a week with Cartman, she's sobbing in an insane asylum and eating her own faeces.

We knew he's a master manipulator but what on Earth happened there

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