South Park: Every Main Character Ranked Worst To Best

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South Park is an animation staple in the TV industry, as there are very few shows that rival the longevity and general quality of this series. While it has undoubtedly seen a slump in the past few seasons, it still has plenty of character and remains funny thanks to its outstanding cast.

Defining the "main" roles within this series is an increasingly difficult task throughout the development of the show, as side characters often end up growing into far more relevant positions. Thanks to this, the four leading figures of Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny no longer have a monopoly on being considered the show's mains.

However, to allow for this list to remain practical, it will only be including the primary children characters, to be able to explore them all thoroughly. This is a show about the children of South Park after all, and there are many notable presences.

Therefore characters like Randy Marsh and Mr Garrison won't make an appearance, but still, deserve to be heralded as some of the best.

With that all said and done, here are the main characters of South Park ranked from worst to best.

12. Timmy Burch

South Park
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Timmy's introduction gave Trey Parker and Matt Stone a chance to open up options of discussing disability in the guise of comedy. To do so has meant that they've featured surprisingly compelling moments and opened up many narrative avenues. Thankfully they don't mistreat Timmy, as the other kids all like him, and he seems to be an incredibly happy chap, making him irresistibly fun to watch.

With that being said, he ranks lowest thanks to the fact that the setup of his character inherently means that the joke gets old. He can only say the word Timmy, and whilst it is funny for a surprisingly long time, the joke grows a little stale. From there, he becomes more of a character, with motives and usefulness, but the limited speech choices become troublesome.

He will always feel like a lesser character since they decided to limit the amount of vocal interaction that he could have with the rest of the cast.

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