South Park Quiz: Can You Name These One Episode Characters?

How well do you remember the residents of South Park?

South Park Trent Boyett
Comedy Central

Let's go down South Park and give ourselves a time. There are friendly faces everywhere... but how well do you remember them?

We all know that South Park isn't your average animated sitcom. Filled with a ridiculous amount of swear words and crude quips, the town South Park is definitely a unique place to reside.

Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman are the focal point of pretty much every episode of the show, but it's the secondary characters who provide the fresh humour that we can't help but love. From teachers to students, they all bring qualities that the main four characters just don't have.

There is something for everyone in South Park, but only few know the show as well as its writers are producers. Today, we want to test your knowledge on characters who have appeared across the shows 25 seasons. More specifically, characters who have only appeared in just one episode. Yes, that's right, just one episode! Let's find out if you are South Park's biggest fan. Can you score 100%?

1. Who Is This?


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