South Park Quiz: Finish The Line!

Come on down to South Park and... finish this quote of mine!

Comedy Central

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the gang of South Park have been infamous power-houses of comedy for over two decades. Pretty much every member of the small mountain town's cohort has produced so many unique, bizarre and hilarious quotes that have left audiences gasping for air after a fit of ugly laughter. Every time one of these base individuals opens their mouth, the audience is always running the risk of being sucked further and further into their dark humour; unable to ever return to the cute normality of standard animated TV.

But with so many incredibly funny lines flying left and right, some stick in the memory more than others. You'd have to be a South Park veteran to remember ALL the classics.

What does Cartman demand respect for? What is Randy's favourite culinary ingredient? How about Kyle's signature exclamation after the repeated demise of poor Kenny?

If you fancy yourself a seasoned South Park aficionado, then put yourself to the test by completing fifteen of South Park's greatest lines - but be warned, some are more obscure than others.

1. Cartman: "The Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness..."


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