South Park Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Very First Episode?

South Park has been on the air for two decades. But how much do you know about where it all began?

South Park
Comedy Central

Over two decades after it first premiered on Comedy Central, it's plain to see that South Park has changed the television landscape forever. Although whether that change is a positive or a negative one is a matter of some debate.

It wasn't the first animated television series to include vulgar subject matter, the wildly successful Beavis and Butthead was the pioneer in that regard, but it went further than any other show before it. Children swearing and engaging in outlandish violent acts is far more commonplace in media now thanks to South Park, but back in the late nineties it was all genuinely shocking for audiences tuning in for the first time.

The debut episode of this landmark show involves one ten year old boy getting anally probed by otherworldly visitors and another being killed horrifically. It's hard to name another show that declared its intentions as unapologetically from its very first episode.

But how much can you remember about this turning point in television? Who was the first person to ever speak in the show? Who farted first?

Take this quiz to find out if you can cast your mind back to last century and claim your place as the ultimate South Park fan.

1. After The Boys Sing "School Days" Together, Which Of Them Has The First Spoken Line In The Show?


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