South Park: You Won't Get 100% On This Eric Cartman Quiz!

Are you ready to probe Cartman (again)?

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When Bart Simpson became the hottest commodity in animation, you could have been forgiven for thinking there simply couldn't ever possible be a more naughty, more outrageous kid star on TV ever. And then along came South Park and Eric Cartman and Bart might as well have been a preacher's son.

Cartman was and is the most genius creation of Matt Stone and Trey Parker - an eminently quotable little wretch who doesn't care what he says, what he does or who he upsets. That's sort of his gimmick, in actual fact.

Over the years, he's picked up a criminal record the length of his entire body, he's pulled off some incredible achievements and we've learned some unbelievable things about him. Sometimes not related to his butt in any way.

But how well do you really know Eric Cartman? Could you count yourself as a true expert?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Cartman's Middle Name?

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