South Park: You'll Never Get 100% On This Butters Quiz!

Season 24 is coming in to land and you can bet your bottom b**ch Butters will be neck deep in it!

Comedy Central

Butters is everyone's favourite sweet talkin', cute as a button, not-so-innocent fifth member of the South Park gang.

From his special relationship with a Catholic priest, to helping stop Satan and Saddam Hussein, to being scared straight by his future self, Butters has done it all and continues to be a mainstay on the show.

Throughout the series, this little guy has grown from a background character into a series regular, with entire episodes dedicated to his antics. He has really been through the mill, with plenty of psychological trauma at home and cruel friends at school, giving rise to his adorably 'evil' alter ago who unintentionally rips off The Simpsons. Nevertheless, Butters always seems to bounce back.

But don't let his 'li'l buddy' facade fool you, this blonde bad boy has been involved in more crimes than you can shake a Stick of Truth at, whether being dragged into Cartman's schemes to hold up a restaurant and steal a NASCAR, rioting at the mall or starting his own prostitution ring (or 'kissing company').

Do you know what I am saying?

1. What Is His Real Name?


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