Squid Game Quiz: How Well Do You Remember All The Numbers?

Can you pass the progressively harder Squid Game numbers quiz or will you be eliminated?

Squid Game

Since arriving on Netflix at the end of September, South Korean drama Squid Game has taken over the world, making millions of viewers stick to their screens watching the survival of hundreds of players. Each living their own drama, desperately needing money, with a slim chance to win and a deadly penalty if they lose.

What keeps fans coming back for more is the human struggle between good and ugly that runs like a red thread through the series. The personalities, the events and the whole new reality seems to become so normal.

The name of the series draws from a similarly named Korean children's game, but the series and the emotions it brings are definitely not child’s play.

There are countless conspiracies around the significance or symbolism of the numbers associated with them, but one thing is for certain: the numerology in this series is fascinating to watch.

While the fans are trying to decode the hidden message of the Squid Games, let’s see whether you can untangle this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Players Were There In The Game?


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