Squid Game Quiz: Who Died First?

Only the Front Man could score 100% on this Squid Game deaths quiz.

Squid game red light green light

Meet the new dystopian phenomenon on Netflix that scrambled the brains of survival drama lovers not just in South Korea, but all over the world. The Squid Game.

Masquerading as a children’s game, the Squid Game gathered 456 down-and-out people to risk their lives in exchange for money they desperately needed.

The cruel mise-en-scene organised for V.I.P.s’ amusement made the players miserable. However, the nine intriguing episodes of the already legendary TV show managed to highlight some sensitive issues of the century: social and gender inequalities, distorted and dysfunctional democracy. In between brutal fights, vicious rules, shocking betrayals and tragic deaths, the creator behind the trending K-drama delivered an important message. The ratio of good to evil in human nature is 50:50.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, you might want to hurry as there are spoilers everywhere. But, if you are a devoted Netflix subscriber, we doubt that you resisted the temptation. So, we invite you to pass a Squid Game quiz. The rules are simple, each question has two names of Squid Game characters. You should identify who died first. Don’t worry, you won’t be eliminated.

With that, let the quiz begin.

1. Jang Deok-Su Or Byeong-Gi


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